Frequently Asked

What are the guidelines for brand marketing and advertising in schools?

The ability to promote, market and advertise brands in schools comes down to contiributing to education. It is possible to advertise brands without an educational contribution as long as you are filling other needs of educators. But the ethical way to do it is by providing educational content that ties into the curriculum.

How can I determine if my advertising campaign is effective?

Since clients can’t physically enter the school space the best way to measure the success of your program is by surveying teachers on their use of your content.

How can brands effectively advertise to students and families?

The best way to make an impact in education is to create compelling content that ties into the curriculum. We also encourage our clients to use tools like posters, premiums, digital content, and take-home material for parents.

How can brands establish partnerships with schools?

Brands can establish partnerships with schools by building and maintaining trustworthy relationships. Syllabus Partners has built relationships with schools across Canada and the US for over 20 years. That’s how we can bring responsible brands into classrooms and create long lasting partnerships between the two.

How can I advertise in schools in a responsible way?

The most responsible way to align to school values is to talk to teachers and address their needs. Syllabus Partners has direct communication with thousands of teachers in every province and state. It’s our job to know what they need and help our clients weave that need into their brand messaging.

What are some mistakes to avoid in school marketing campaigns?

The biggest mistake you can make when trying to advertise brands in schools come from not knowing what educators need and not providing high quality educational content. Every program Syllabus Partners creates is first offered into schools. We only send materials to schools who want and use it.

What age range of students can you target with a marketing program into schools?

At Syllabus Partners we have a network of schools from daycare to grade 12 who can be targeted with a school marketing campaign.

How can a brand sample in schools?

Product trial is a great way to introduce students, teachers and parents to your product or service. Our methods integrate product trial into learning which helps spread your brand message and connect to educational expectations.

How much does a school marketing program cost?

The cost of a school marketing program depends on the number of schools requesting the program and the number of components that make up the activation.

What kind of brands can advertise in schools?

We integrate responsible toy, teen brands, family brands, entertainment releases and organizations into classrooms. One of our capabilities is finding the best educational connection so the brand can become a positive contributor to learning.

How do I get teachers to sign up for my service?

We love to promote brands and services in schools that help kids learn and enrich the learning environment. We will work with you to build a program that communicates your features and benefits as well as meet the needs of educators.

Is advertising in schools a good way to connect with parents?

A child’s education is critically important and parents know that information coming home from a school or teacher is important.

Do schools accept money in exchange for access?

Monetary exchanges between schools and businesses still exist but is not a recommended approach to establishing positive, long lasting relationships.